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18 September to 20 September 2017.. A date that I and the other bloggers as well as our family who managed to join the KBBA9 family day in Legend Cherating Beach Resort would surely remember for a very long time. It was definitely a three days two nights full of fun and excitement. I did share our activities while we were there in HEREHEREHEREHERE and finally HERE.. Can you imagine all the activities we did there that I have to write up to five parts about it hahaha… We were very lucky and grateful that Legend Cherating Beach Resort has been generous enough to host our stay while we were in Cherating.

Cherating is not an unfamiliar place to most of us who joined the family day (except for a few who were a first timer) and especially to me and Mr SOSAB and our boys. In fact our latest stay in Cherating was in last March when we’re on our way to send the boys back to their school in Kelantan. But honestly, of all our stay in Cherating in various hotels and chalets, our three days two nights stay in Legend Cherating Beach Resort was the most memorable one. It will forever change my perception of Cherating.
The trip to Cherating from KL supposedly only about 3 hours drive using the East Coast highway (LPT). But due to an unforeseen circumstances that happened to our car, it took us a bit longer to arrive. Upon arrival, looking at the hotel lobby, hmmm… nothing fancy about it. In fact it looks a bit old and with that first impression in mind, I wasn’t expecting too much afraid I might be disappointed later. But my perception was soon switched to an amazement as soon as I looked out from the window at the far end of the lobby where our welcome treat was being served. Down below was a very beautiful pool where there’s a big rock separating one pool to another pool and looking further away, what a breathtakingly amazing view of  the beach.. I was like, Wow! And for someone like me who always love the beach, I instantly fall in love with this hotel.

My favorite spot.. How I wish I could just sit here with my book, reading it from one page to another..

Before the sun goes down
Sun rise 

However this is just my personal opinion. So why don’t you guys come down here and experience it yourself . Treating yourself to good weekend escape after a long weekdays sounds like a good enough reason isn’t it? If that’s not enough let me share with you what they have here, ready to welcome you guys.. Ok guys.. So here’s the reasons why you should come to Cherating and stay at Legend Cherating Beach Resort:


The resort has two large swimming pool. One called the blue pool consist of child pool and adult pool where guest can have fun without having to worry about complete swimming attire. The other pool was called the green pool with a depth of up to 6 feet and only guest with swimming attire were allowed to use this pool.

The green pool

The blue pool for kids

The swimming pool is my children’s favorite spot especially My SAZSO no 4 (and I believe this is the favorite spot for other bloggers chidren as well) . The only reason that can lure him out of the pool is a promise that we will let him come back in the evening.. Sighhh.. Well to tell you guys the truth , we also enjoyed the pool as much as the children if not more.. Hahahahaha… Just look at the pictures below. What do you think? LOL


The rooms at this hotel comprises of 205 rooms where the choices are Superior Room (garden view), Deluxe Room (poolside or gardens view), Grand Deluxe Room (garden or sea view), Junior Suite (sea view), Cherating Suite (sea view), Legend Suite (sea view) and also penthouse (sea view). All rooms except for the suites are equipped with all the room facilities that you can get in any hotel room. However, do bear in mind that they are currently in the process of upgrading their rooms phase by phase so some rooms are still equipped with a bit outdated room facilities.

Superior Room – twin beds
Superior Room – king bed

Deluxe pool view

Grand Deluxe sea view

Grand Deluxe pool view

Junior Suite 

Junior Suite sitting area

But hey! why do you want to waste your time staying in your room when there are so many activities you could do outside. Alaa.. if you just want to lazed around in room, might as well don’t waste you money to come here and just lazed around in your own room right.  Unless you choose to stay in one of their luxurious suites, then I can’t blame you if you feel so reluctant to leave your room.

Cherating Suite bedroom -1 

Cherating Suite bathroom 1

Cherating Suite bedroom 2

Cherating Suite bathroom 2

Cherating Suite living room
Legend Suite bedroom 1

Legend Suite bathroom 1

Legend Suite bedroom 2
Legend Suire bathroom 2
Legend Suite living & dining are
Penthouse bedroom 1

Penthouse bedroom 2
Penthouse bedroom 2

Penthouse bedroom 2
Penthouse dining area

Penthouse sofa seating area

Penthouse Karaoke room

Penthouse maid room

Penthouse kitchen area

Penthouse sun deck

The sun deck model 😜
Penthouse living area

During our stay, the room we stayed in was not the one which has not been upgraded but we love it nevertheless because it was just a shout away from the swimming pool and the beach. The outdated room facilities such as box tv, old bath tub etc. that we have in our room doesn’t really bother us as we spent so little time in the room and most importantly the room is spacious, clean and comfortable. We had the good sleep that we needed and no disturbance from uninvited guest (read: beg bugs & the gang) so no complaint there.

Our room before its being wrecked by my little hero

look at how happy he is..

Complimentary tea & coffee making facilities

That’s the TV I’m talking about..

Welcome fruit


We had the chance of experiencing four kind of dining with Legend Cherating Beach Resort. We get to eat buffet breakfast, lunch, dinner at the Coconut Grove Coffee House and also a pirate themed BBQ dinner complete with its campfire at the Deep Sea Beach Bar which is located at the beach.

Personally, I’m quite surprised with the variety of foods served and how delicious they all are. I guess the term “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper” is not applicable here as you will be treated with “like a king” varieties of food all time and you might as well forget about your diet while you are here. For a person who is quite “cerewet” with food, I’m definitely satisfied with the varieties of food offered and most importantly with the taste. Kudos to the chef and team.

We even get a welcome treat upon arrival

First day Dinner


Feeling adventurous or you just want to enjoy the beautiful day doing outdoor activities? Mizi’s water sport which is located at Legend Cherating Beach Resort and the only watersports centre along Cherating Beach offer handful of outdoor and water sport activities to get you hands on. Try the ATV Ride, Banana Boat Ride, Airhead, Snorkeling and Island touring. And if you feel extra adventurous on that day, book for a fishing trip which they also provided here or maybe learn to dive with Muck Dive Kuantan. Be sure to ask them about these activities when you are at the hotel OK. All bookings can be done at the hotel.

Water spot hut
Basic Diving Lesson with Muck Dive Kuantan

Nature lovers will definitely be ecstatic with what the Resort has to offer. A river cruise along Cherating river through a mangrove forest during day time. Just enjoying the serenity that the nature has to offer while admiring the mysterious yet inviting view around you. During night time, don’t just stay in your room, instead request a firefly tour with Mr Hafiz the “firefly whisperer” and experience something totally different than the regular firefly tour  you’ve known or heard before.

Ready for our friendly fireflies watch with HAfiz’s Cherating Activities
Cruising along Cherating river on our mangrove tour

As we all know, turtle is an endangered species and under the protection of the government. Cherating is one of the place in Malaysia where there’s a Turtle Sanctuary and you can learn a lot about turtle there. During our stay in Legend Cherating, we had the chance to release baby turtle to the sea. It was such a great feeling to see all of those little ones doing their best to reach the water. Releasing baby turtle activity was provided by the resort with a payment of RM20 for each baby turtle. By joining the activity, you have also been contributing to the turtle preservation as part of the payment will be contributed to Cherating Turtle Sanctuary.

“keropok lekor” one of the famous local snacks in our country. I’m sure most of us are familiar with this keropok lekor but have you ever wonder how its made? Book a visit to the nearby keropok lekor processing centre where you can see how the keropok lekor was made and not only that you can also by the keropok lekor and the fish chips (keropok ikan) to bring back to your place. 

It might look easy.. but somehow its not.. hahaha

Your reaction when you are supposed to shape it the way it should be but it turns into a weird shape.. LOL

The east coast are well known for their beautiful and good quality batik. I’m pretty sure if we want to know how batik were made, we can just google it and there you go.. But  Wouldn’t it be fun if we could do it ourselves.. Experiment our artistic side by doing the batik painting activity and who knows it might become a new career (just kidding)..

Apart from the activities I’ve shared above, there are plenty of other outdoor activities that will surely keep you occupied while you are staying at Legend Cherating Beach Resort.


If during your stay here somehow the weather has not been very kind to you and it is raining all day long or its hot and sunny day but you just don’t want your flawless skin to be damaged by the sun, worry not.. You can always enjoy their indoor activities. Head down to the indoor gymnasium where you can have a good workout and afterwords treat yourself the sauna and the Jacuzzi.


Legend Cherating Beach Resort also offers facilities for Meeting, team building activities and events. They have various type of hall that will be arrange or decorated according to your requirements. If you wish for an outdoor team building activities, they also have the facility and they will assist you with your activities.

So.. Are you excited to try this resort out? Find out all the information that you needed below ya:

Instagram: legendresort.cheratinglegendresort.cherating
Contact Person: Encik Meor (013-3319822) 

The Legend Cherating Beach Resort 
Lot 1290, Mukim Sungai Karang, Cherating 
26080 Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur

Pictures credits:
1. Legend Cherating Beach Resort website
2. My own picture
3. Pictures from KBBA9 bloggers collection
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