All praises be to Allah s.w.t, the Lord of the Universe. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad s.a.w. His last messenger.

Doing laundry is definitely one of the things that I really don’t like to do. But unfortunately, no matter how I don’t like doing it, it still need to be done.. Huhuhu… One of the things that makes me not like (I’m doing my best to avoid using the word hate) doing the laundry is that sometimes after all is done and its time to hang the washed clothes suddenly you notice that the detergent you used has left something on the cloth. Arggghhhh… That’s when the tendency to turn into hulk is very high… Now you have to check all the washed cloth and wash the one with detergent stain again. Man! Just imagine having to do the same thing twice..

One day, I was introduced to something different, something new and I can say looks a bit weird. Hahaha.. It was first shared by the big boss of Kelab Blogger Ben Ashaari, Aben himself HERE.. I was a bit skeptical at first. Well you cant’t really blame me If I’m being skeptical. Imagine being introduced to something very different from the ones you’ve been using for so so so many years.. So when Aben informed us that each one of us who joined the KBBA9 family day at Legend Cherating Beach Resort will get this product, I was so happy. Now I can give it a try myself.

After we came back from the family day, I gave the product a try. You know, coming back from a holiday, of course there will be piled of laundry to be done and this will be the best time to try this product. So, does it really work? Let’s put the result on hold first ok… First, let me explain to you about the product..

The product I’ve been talking about is ZING+ (ZING PLUS), the laundry detergent film. Yes, you read it right. A laundry detergent in the form of a thin film. Small, Light and Convenient Easy to Carry, each film weights only 4gm with thickness of 0.1 cm. Each pack of 30 films weigh 120gm, equivalent to the weight of an iPhone 6. Wow! Isn’t that cool? This thin film is a combination of laundry powder or liquid detergent, laundry softener and disinfectant and that’s the reason behind the stronger laundry wash. Zing+ dissolved in water easily and it can clean with only one wash. So there you go. Not only does it save time, it can also help save water.

Some of us are very sensitive to laundry detergent right. Some of us even allergic to regular detergent. With Zing+ you can put all you worries aside. The product is Neutral Ph, gentle not only to skin but also to cloth. So even after many wash, your cloth won’t be damaged and so does your skin. Another special feature of the product is Phosphorus Free, No Fluorescent, No Whitening Agent and Biodegradable. What better way to provide a better place for our family to live in than to use Safe and Environment Friendly product.. Don’t you agree?

Ok.. as promised earlier.. The result to my test on the product. First test.. I used 1 film  to wash about  two plus kg of cloth and I was impressed. The film doesn’t produce a very strong detergent smell but nevertheless it cleans very well and most importantly no unnecessary detergent stain. I saw some of my friends posted about using Zing+ to wash school shoes and it gave me idea to try washing one of my handbag which I’ve been planning to send for wash but because its costly, I’ve been putting the plan on hold. So, with a mixed feeling, I decided to try washing it with Zing+. One reason is because of its safe and environment friendly feature.  This time, I used only half piece. Even while doing it with the help of my Mr SOSAB, I keep on praying that even if it doesn’t clean my handbag, please don’t ruin it.. Hahaha… But.. Guess what… It works!!!! Yeayyy!!!! Watch the video below to see how I did it..

What say you guys? Isn’t this Zing+ Advanced Washing Film cool? So if you also want to use this Stylish, Simple, Lighter and Cleaner all in one laundry care and also Look and feel cool using it.. Contact for more info: Ms Ros Farina at +012 235 0657

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  1. Unik la sabun macam ni,nak cari la bleh bawa travel nanti,beli tuk guna kat dobi layan diri pun senang ni tak yah bawa yg serbuk atau cecair asyik tumpah2 je.

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