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One of the main concern when we travel is the accommodation right. I don’t know about you guys, but that is certainly one of my main concern whenever I’m travelling. I don’t mind about the “stars” of the hotel that I’ll be staying in but I’m a bit particular about the condition  of the hotel  especially the bed, the linen so on and so forth.

Well, some might say.. “Then go look for 4 star or 5 star hotel la.. Don’t stay in a budget hotel’.. As I said earlier.. I don’t really mind about the ‘stars’ of the hotel because most of the hotel that I’ve stayed in whenever I travel outside KL was budget hotel and the condition of the hotel does met my predetermined criteria. Meaning to say here is being a budget traveler doesn’t mean you can’t stay in a decent hotel to have your good sleep after a long day exploring the city that you are visiting.


I had the chance to attend the official launching of The Bed  KLCC recently where we were officially introduced to the latest available interactive co-living accommodation. The Bed KLCC offers a luxury capsule-styled experience for all and most importantly it is located in the heart of KL Golden Triangle and in the centre of tourist attraction such as KLCC, KL Tower, Bukit Bintang and other tourist attraction nearby which can easily reached by public transport.

The Bed KLCC

With its tagline “Your Bed in the Heart of KL”, The Bed KLCC sets to attract local and international tourists, whom are looking forward for a new travel accomodation designed to provide convenience, quality and genuine sense of community at an affordable price. With its strategic location, The Bed KLCC affords its guests a truly connected lifestyle. The luxury capsule hotel is well connected to an excellent transportation network such as GoKl free shuttle bus, LRT and monorail, all available at a walking distance from the hotel.

Mr. Leslie Cheong during his welcome speech at the official launch of The Bed KLCC
Video presentation during the official launch of The Bed KLCC
Mr. Leslie Cheong and the media during the media tour at The Bed KLCC
Mr. Leslie Cheong was explaining the details of the room & POD during the media tour at The Bed KLCC


“We are millenials, thus when we travel we always look for something different. This is where the idea of innovative hotel came in mind and we are also looking forward into introducing Malaysia’s first co-living concept in our hotel. With us, staying in dorms doesn’t feel the same anymore and its beyond your expectations, that’s what most of our friends and guest reviewed after staying with us. We are also targeting business travellers by providing private suites with more personal apace for work and stay. We have strong confidence we are able to keep up with the golbal trends and to fill in the demands of millenial travellers. With The Bed KLCC, we offer more. Although you are sharing the room with other travelers, you will still have your privacy in the pod, where privacy blinds can be pulled down for your own personal space . Our pods are fully equipped with all the facilities a tech-based travelers are looking for such as wireless connection, USB ports for charging, international charging points, LED lights, multipurpose foldable table, mirror, privacy blind and private locker.” stated Mr. Leslie during the media preview.

Mr. Leslie Cheong during his welcome speech at the official launch of The Bed KLCC
Photo of Mr. Leslie Cheong in the Queen POD Suite


Capsule hotel traditionally known as the dorm and mostly meant for backpackers and young travelers who are looking for budget accommodation, are deteriorating in demand due to the lack of facilities, privacy and services. Nowadays travelers are willing to pay more for a better lifestyle accommodation, with contemporary interior design, fast speed internet and a space for making new friends to immense themselves into the culture and the environment of the city they are travelling to.

Mr. Leslie Cheong was explaining the details of the room & POD during the media tour at The Bed KLCC

The Bed KLCC can cater up to 170 guests and offers six types of pod to choose from such as single pods side entry (female only), single pod side entry (mixed), single pod front entry (Mixed), King pod/Family pod, Single pod suite and queen pod suite. The size of each pod are larger than any standard pod, 40sqft for the single pod  while the family pod size is 150sqft which larger than any standard ford offered by traditional capsule hotel.

Single Pod Side Entry
Single Pod Front Entry
Single Pod Suite
Queen Pod Suite
Twin Pod Side Entry
Family Pod Suite
Bathroom inside each suite
Shared bathroom at level 1


The Bed KLCC ensures the comfort and security of their guests by providing 24 hours security, 24 hours check in reception and 24 hours in house cleaners. The lounge area opens from 6 am till 12am, where guests can work in the business work stations, spends their leisure time watching TV, or interact with new friends from all around the world. the hotel also provides mini cafeteria with complimentary coffee/tea throughout the day.

Lepak area
Lounge area

As a Muslim traveler and staying in this kind of accommodation where rooms are being shared with other fellow travelers, one of our concern would be whether there are spaces for us to perform our daily prayers. Understanding the need of Muslim travelers, The Bed KLCC provides a praying room for these travelers to perform their daily obligations. One thing that I might need to highlight tho, for Muslim travelers, It is advisable to prepare a bottle or any small container  specifically to be used in the toilet as no water hose provided in the toilet.


The bed KLCC rate begins from RM69 per pod per night and the single pod suite is priced from RM139 per pod inclusive of complimentary breakfast, daily housekeeping and high speed internet access. The Bed KLCC is now available for bookings and had generated responsive future bookings till February next year. In conjunction with its soft opening, The Bed KLCC is now offering an introductory room rate from RM49 nett inclusive of complimentary breakfast.

For reservation, please call +603 2715 2413 

or visit www.thebedklcc

The Bed KLCC: Vortex KLCC 12, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur

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