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Have you ever attended a corporate training or a team building and you are struggling to pay attention and keep your eyes open all through the session. Well, don’t worry ok, it shows that you are normal. With most corporate training or team building programs getting more and more outdated and predictable the challenge and the excitement is just not there anymore.


Realizing corporate training or team building programs are getting more and more outdated and predictable today, STAR me program was designed with objective to deliver valuable corporate training and team synergy program that’s relevant to today’s disruptive and fast paced environment. Both the curriculum and the practical activities have taken into consideration the holistic approach of mind, body and soul in creating personal and team synergy that maximize the potential of participants.

Leadworkz Training LLP (“Leadworkz”) and INIC Sports Management Co.Ltd. (“ISM”) ha come up with the new team synergy program – STAR me as a new wave into corporate training, team building and sports industries. The signing ceremony was witnessed by (TTFC) and Managing Director of Far East Sports Sdn Bhd (Victor Malaysia), Dato Alex Ong.

Leadworkz is a premier training and consultancy firm that integrates Sales and Marketing skills with the Business Image Expertise. Through years of experience delivering to clients rangin from small giants to Fortune 500 companies, LEAD is specialized in driving sales for today’s market, business conduct and connections towards creation of a successful individual, especially in the working environment.


STAR me is different compared to other team building activities or corporate training the market been offering, Leadworks CEO, Ms Angelin Boo said:  “This structured and high impact “STAR” program is designed to bring out the best of each participants before achieving the right recipe in creating the synergy of the team.

“This Team Synergy program is not designed for status-quo or business as usual.  This program is best prescribed to companies or leaders who dare to challenge the status quo, out of comfort zone, venture into exciting territories, adapting to today’s reality, excited for tomorrow and BOLD with their maneuvers.”

“As the company is scaling up, it’s paramount that the team members are also leveling up and rise to the challenges. Our 2 days packed modules and activities tackle today’s game of businesses, from planning to execution to delivery and everything in between. Team Synergy program is built for TODAY – the era of ever changing environments at an unforeseen rapid pace with disruptive technologies and human social interaction evolution.


The game changer of Team Synergy program – the seamless integration of valuable contents and physical sports activities. Let’s bid farewell to the decades old and predictable team building content and activities. In line with our holistic approach, participants’ mind, body and soul shall be fully engaged throughout the program. Key components of the program and lifetime values are delivered via cutting edge and proven badminton related activities. As Malaysia’s No.1 sport that’s held so dear to all Malaysians, there’s more to badminton than meets the eye.” Angelin added.

According to  Irina Inozemtseva, Managing Director of INIC Sports Management: “This program shall teach participants on maximizing their potential effectively and creating that team flow that makes an organization able to achieve the extra-ordinaries. In Malaysia, Badminton without a doubt is a number one beloved sport. Be it by participation of the masses as well as achievements. It’s also fair to claim that Badminton is a nation’s pride.

Second day of our program will bring you to the state of the art badminton courts. On this day, we’ll take the best long-term values what badminton and sports can offer to the participants. Our STAR Day programs includes values such a Self-Awareness, Tools of Titans (such as implementation of techniques and tactics to be applied in the daily life grind.), Adaptability and Relay.”

“Also the highlight of STAR me Day 2 program, we’ve arranged for a list of current top Badminton athletes to collaborate with participants and inspire them further. As mentioned by Angelin earlier, this is a great opportunity for participants of STAR me program not to just only meet and greet with Olympic medalists and World Champions, but also, they’ll be able to spend quality time learning in depth and explore for themselves any secrets of high performance and achieving life goals.” Irina added. PROGRAM PROFESSIONAL COACHES

Jiva Nair

Not only seasoned veteran in high performance and fitness industry, but worked in almost all tiers of sport in Malaysia, starting from various clubs nation-wide to the chief coach of Selangor Badminton Association and Development Manager in Badminton Asia Confederations with more than 80 international projects and 20 countries worldwide, responsible of the blue print of the BAC progressive directions in the Olympic Cycle.

Stephanie Ng

Indeed Stephanie’s achievements are outstanding. Besides of being former Malaysian No.1 women single, Stephanie is the first Badminton coach who has Psychology qualification in Malaysia. With the experience on both sports and corporate sectors, Stephanie will help participants reveals the recipe of success – how we discover the heroes within ourselves to fulfil our potential.

Jeremy Kok

With the broad badminton international experience and work in corporate environment Jeremy had achieved valuable skills such a leadership, planning and organisation, communication & responsibility. Jeremy will bring to participants the great experience and understanding on the importance of team work.

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