Surya Chlorophyll: Improve Health & Lose Weight


Assalamualaikum… Bismillahirrahmanirrahim…  All praises be to Allah s.w.t, the Lord of the Universe. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad s.a.w. His last messenger.

It’s been a while since I last wrote in English and sometimes I just missed those days when I used to write most of my entries in English. And somehow I guess the long absence in English writing is making my English rusty. Hahahaha..  So here I am today, challenging myself writing in English again and I bet this would be extra challenging for my rather rusty brain. I just hope that my reader will still get the information that I’m trying to share…


So guys.. in this entry I would like to share with you about chlorophyll. Have you guys ever heard of chlorophyll? Well, I undoubtedly believe you’ve heard about chlorophyll and how important it is to plants. Chlorophyll helps the plants to absorb light in the process of photosynthesis which in turns creates energy for the plants.

As much as it is important to plants, recent studies have shown that not only does chlorophyll important to plants it also can be very beneficial to human being. Supplementing our daily diet with chlorophyll especially chlorophyll in liquid form can be very good to our health and one thing that many are sure of, it can also be a cancer prevention, helps in weight loss and many other positive effects on our health.

Ok, one more question, have you ever tried consuming chlorophyll? If you have, then you should know how chlorophyll taste especially the liquid chlorophyll. Man! The smell is just as bad as the taste. Personally, the one in tablet form, I can say is still consumable. But the liquid form chlorophyll.. I can’t even stand the smell, let alone putting it in my mouth.. Errrmm.. Thank you, but no thank you I guess.. hehehehe..

Surya Chlorophyll Has Flavours.. Yayyy!

Some few months ago, a friend of  mine asked me to follow her to an event in Sunway Velocity. It was Watson’s Health Week event where some of the products sold in the stores are also being featured in the event. One of the featured products was the products by Surya Malaysia consisting of its very well known Surya Apple Cider Vinegar and also their new product Surya Chlorophyll. The interesting thing about Surya Malaysia’s chlorophyll products is that it comes in two flavors which is Lychee Chlorophyll and Peach Chlorophyll.

For the first time, I had a good experience with liquid chlorophyll. Hahaha. Even my SAZSO No 3 and My SAZSO No 4 had no problem consuming the Surya Chlorophyll drinks which is a very good news to mums like me who constantly worrying about the nutrition of their child. You know how children and vegetables are, right. So, in a way, Surya Chlorophyll especially the lychee flavor takes away my trouble on feeding my children vegetables. Since then, I always have Surya Lychee Chlorophyll in my fridge.

Health Benefit of Surya Chlorophyll

1. Alkalizing

Chlorophyll extracted from Mulberry leaf which is known to be free from pesticide which also known as a natural alkalizer. Otto Warburg, a Nobel Prize winner discovered in 1930 that cancer cells can’t survive in an environment with an alkaline pH. Interestingly, one amazing way to alkalize our diet is by supplementing it with liquid chlorophyll. The liquid chlorophyll that we consume helps to prevent excess acid, produce an alkaline pH and keep us disease-free thus making us feeling great.

2. Helps In Losing Weight

I bet this will be a very good news to those having the dream of loosing weight.. According to a study conducted in 2013 found that supplementing chlorophyll in our diet intensified feelings of satiety by reducing hunger and preventing the dip in blood sugar that often occurs 90 minutes after eating. Over time, this will help us in reducing our weight.

3. Improve Immune System

Chlorophyll can have a powerful effect in enhancing the immune system. It stimulates the bone marrow, which is responsible for the production of white blood cells. The job of these cells is to protect our body from infectious disease and ward off any foreign invaders that could potentially make us sick.

4. Protects Skin And Return Skin Glow

In addition to its benefits on our health, chlorophyll can also do wonders to our skin. Do you want to have a healthy and younger looking skin? If the answer is yes… Then you should seriously considering adding chlorophyll id your diet. To keep our body looking healthy and young, it needs nutrients which includes vitamins A, C, E and K. And guess what.. These vitamins can all be found in chlorophyll. So, ladies.. Wait no more.. Go and get your Surya Chlorophyll supplies at your nearest Watsons.

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5. Prevent Bad Breath and Bad Body Odors

Undoubtedly, having any of these problems would be disastrous for us. Sometimes, preventing it from the outside is just not enough. So, one way to tackle the problem is by preventing it from inside and supplementing chlorophyll in our daily diet will help us in preventing these problems from inside our body.

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How And Where Surya Chlorophyll Can be Purchased

I have mentioned earlier that Surya Chlorophyll comes in two flavors Lychee Chlorophyll and Peach Chlorophyll. But I forgot to mention to you that the Lychee and Peach flavor in Surya Chlorophyll comes from real fruit extract and it has also been awarded HALAL, GMP, HACCP and BioNexus Certified. It is suitable to be consumed by all ages from children to senior citizens.

Another extra point apart from its taste which is so easy to the taste bud, it also so easy to prepare. Just pour 25ml of Surya Chlorophyll into the bottle cap which also serves as a measurement cup, then you just mixed it with 125ml luke warm water. Taaadaaa.. There you go.. It is now ready for you to drink.

You can get your supply of Surya Chlorophyll from Watsons (Lychee flavors can be found at selected Watsons) and you can also order online from If you have any inquiry or just to have more info, you can go to Surya Malaysia’s Facebook  and Instagram at:



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