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Three days since my last post. The last three days has been a really busy week for me and Mr hubby.
We decided to do some tidying in our kitchen…meaning that we gonna have to throw out and donate some things…. Somehow I always know that we have a lot of unused things in the kitchen cabinets but I’m still surprised to see the number of things that we put aside for throwing out and the number of things which we never really use and if never going to see those things again, I really…really believe that we are not going to missed it…I’m not sure if we even notice that all this while those things has been lying around in our kitchen cabinet.
We thought it’s not going to take us a very long time to do the things that we need to do. It turns out that it took out our whole Saturday and by the time we finished, we were totally exhausted from all of the cleaning, washing, rearranging etc..etc..
You might think that after all of the hard work we will be going straight to bed….wronggg….Me and hubby had a shower and get dressed, ushered the kids to get ready as well and off we go to my uncle’s house with zaryf’s b’day cake….(We have to bring the cake there or else there will only be me, my hubby, my three boys plus my nephew to celebrate zaryf’s b’day). And finally we were home sweet home at about 11.00 pm and went straight to bed feeling all beaten up…..
It is still the weekend and you might think that after all of the hard work the day before we will be able to stay in bed and get cosy…Wronggg again….We had to wake up early for our eldest boy’s PTA meeting at his school and later that afternoon I’m going to have a cup cakes baking project with of my friend at my house.
So me and hubby went to the PTA meeting…and surprise….the meeting was conducted in Mandarin….hahaha… are we going to participate if we don’t understand a thing they said…(Serve us right for sending our kids to the Chinese school…) At the beginning they had this projector for translation..Fine..Even though we don’t understand a thing she said, we can at least read the translation. But the problem was, after a while there’s no more translation and yet it seems like she was still talking…I waited for a while more (well my hubby left the meeting earlier since Zaryf started to get restless. So he took Zaryf out and waited for me somewhere nearby) thinking that maybe later when its time to discuss the issues the meeting will be conducted at least in English.
I spotted two other Malay moms a few rows in front of me. I moved to sit closer to them so that I can have someone to talk too rather than just sitting alone not understanding a thing… I found out that this language issue has been the main reason for most non Chinese parents declined to attend the meeting. After a while I decided to get out and went home. I thought, that’s it!….It was like we are being invited but we are not welcome…What is that!!!?…..That’s so selfish!….I am absolutely going to write a letter to the headmaster of the school. Its not that I’m complaining, I am merely voicing out (I heard one of my hubby’s uncle saying this word)…He said theres a lot of different between the word complain and voicing out…and so my letter will not be a complain letter but instead it will be a concern letter. How about that….
My baking project started a bit later than scheduled….We decided to try baking cup cakes with a few flavors. We started with strawberry cup cake. Since none of us ever bake strawberry cake before, we cut the recipe into half. Before we even put it into the oven we can smell the sweet smell of strawberry from the batter and it looks so nice which makes us raring to try it. When its done…Oh my goodness! it taste soooo good… I don’t really like anything with strawberry flavor before, but this cake….is just so good…which brings us to the decision to bake the whole portion of the recipe later on….
Our next cup cake was the famous red velvet cake…..If at first we thought that the strawberry cake is good…Our red velvet cake….emmmmm…YUMMYYY! especially after we put the cheese cream topping…..Fantastic, Marvelous etc..etc..etc… Thanks to the insistence of my dear friend…
Our third cup cake flavor is chocolate flavor….theres nothing new to this because we have been baking chocolate cakes before and its not a new recipe. We used the recipe that I had used before. No surprise to this cos we already know that the cake will be delicious as always….But….we decided to be a bit experimental.
As I have mentioned earlier on, we are going to bake a whole portion of the strawberry cake recipe…So, after we bake the whole batch of the chocolate cake, we started doing the strawberry cup cakes…and after we finished baking the whole batch of the strawberry cake, Its deco time….
For the deco, we are going to use two icing, cream cheese for the red velvet cake and butter cream for the rest of the cakes…By the time we get started Its kind of a bit late already and her baby girl started getting cranky (we couldn’t find her pacifier and she can’t sleep without it). The two of us are tired with all the baking too. So we decided to end it for the day. We only managed to decorate a few of the cupcakes and I decided to gave her most of the decorated cup cakes plus the undecorated one for her to bring home… I don’t mind having the undecorated one as I planned to come to it the netx night….by the time she left it was already almost midnight….hwarrrrghhhhh…I’m totally exhausted with the two days activity….My whole body ache and the best part is…Monday is working day…..hwaaaaaaaaa….
Its a busy day at the office….I’m so busy until I don’t have time to post anything… After office, I went home, but before that stop by the supermarket for my deco project…..After doing all the things I need to do…know its my cup cake deco time….In doing things which involved creativity one has take time to do it and not in hurry. And when we are tired it’s better to stop, cos the result will not be very good…..I mean, look at my iron man cake…I failed on my first try becos I’m tired and has lost the interest in doing it….and look when I did it on my own term…the result is not so bad right…..Take a look at my cup cakes..what do you think…not bad right…

Chocolate and strawberry cup cakes

Red velvet cup cakes

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