My Little Iron man..Part 2

Continue from part 1….

I thought I’m only going to crumb coat the cake then leave it in the fridge and come back to it the next day since its kind of late and tomorrow I have to go to work… Unfortunately, it turns out that My dear hubby is more enthusiastic then me and decided to do the iron man that night….Not to dissapoint him, (I’m being a good wife okay) I just got along with it. First, we tried to apply the technique we learned from the internet (using a toothpick and poke a hole through the printed picture to make a dot on the creamed cake…after that, just connect all the dot..and wallah! you’ll get your desired image..Sounds pretty easy isn’t it…trust me..not that easy ok..) but my dear hubby left the printed  iron man image on his table at the office..So he browse the internet and manage to find the image that he wanted to use…its more like his project then mine at this point…:-)) don’t you think…So, fine…we manage to get the picture that we wanted…And here starts the drawing….He did the drawing and I’m supposed to outline it piping jelly later..
He finished the drawing, I did the outlining and then I start filling the image with butter cream….but I only manage to do a few of the red parts before my eyes gave in…I can barely open my eyes and I kind of a bit dissapointed with the outcome of our so called Iron man…..(Not your fault at all dear…)..We decided to stop for that night and we’ll do it again tomorrow….
Yesterday morning we showed the cake to the b’day boy and do you know what’s the funny part is? It was   when he said….”Mama, can you do the Iron Man cake for me?”So I said to him ” This is Iron Man dear”…and he said “no, this is not iron man, you said you want to make me Iron Man cake”…we were like hah ?????????????….is it really that bad? hahahaha….So last night, when I got home from the office, the first thing I did was to take out the cake, using a spoon, I cleared the drawing, put it back in the fridge, I went up to my room, did my things and before we leave for our monthly grocery shopping, I creamed coat the cake again and then leave it in the fridge again…
After we get back, I took out the cake and start drawing the iron man again…I follow the poking tecnique. (I printed different picture and prepoke it at the that I only have to put the tooth pick through the little hole without having to press to hard on the cream….after that I just need to follow the dot, and finally… we can see the iron man figure…this time we decided to use piping jelly instead of buttercream…and it turns out…well I can say very good…(congratulation to me and my hubby) despite the neck and backache that I have to go through It feels so good when it was approved by our Mr. Little Iron Man…A big Yeaayyyyy! for me and my dear mr. hubby…..

Connecting the dots by using tooth pick and food coloring (got a bit confused cos there’s to many dots,)

Happy B’day Dear Zaryf….We love you so much….

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