My Little Ironman…..Part 1

Yeaayyy….its Friday..and tomorrow will be Saturday….the weekend again….hehehe…..
Actually, what  I really want to share with you guys is my experience in making my dear little boy’s birthday cake….Well, it wasn’t really my first experience cos I did almost all of my boys b’day cake plus the occasional cup caking etc..etc…But normally what I did was, I just bought the edible images..(and it has always been Ben 10 for the big brothers)….creamed the cake and I just put the images on it. And if I want to be a little bit more…you know fancier….so I just add up simple decoration…just a little bit of here and there…the chocolate rice etc….and there you go…
But this time, I decided to be more experimental…you know..just to see wether I can really do it or was it just my imagination..hehehe…Well, Its kind of a challenge to myself.  I’m quite a good copycater..(does this word even exist or do I just make it up myself…hahaha)..As long as I had samples or picture I think I’ll be able to do it….(reallyyyy…..lets just see)
Back to my story about the cake experiment..This time I decided to do the ironman cake..not the normal edible image of iron man like I did before, but the drawn iron man head on the cake…Wow! really can’t wait to start the project…and with mr. dear hubby’s support and eagerness makes me even more enthusiastic..We decided to do iron man specially for our dear b’day boy because he just  like iron man sooooooo much (notice the long ooooo there…hehehe) he can watch iron man over n over again…every day…..

So, I bake  (how can I say I bake when I actually use steamer..what ever…) make the a night before his b’day and decided to start doing the drawing the next night.(can only do it at night you know…). ups… almost forgot to tell you guys that my previous cakes…I only use ganache or fresh cream/whipped cream. But this time I decided to add up one more experement by using butter cream…Fewww! never know that its gonna take a very long time to beat.

The next day, from the office I went straight away to ‘Aneka Bakery’ (a supplier for bakery items), bought all the things I need for my butter cream plus a few other items which I need for my other experiment hehehe…..After I got all my things, I went for a drink at ‘Old Town White Coffee with a girlfriend (we had promised to meet there and later she will sent me home and we are going to do the buttercream together since she had an experience in preparing buttercream for her daughters b’day…FYI..We both love to bake…) So, after the drink, we went to my house and without even bother to change my office attire, I went straight to my kitchen, tossed all of the buttercream ingredients into my mini mixer (the real mixer is in my wishlist for sure..together with the big oven)..and start beating the creamwell, the icing sugar and the water(there you go the ingredients for the buttercream)..I was supposed to beat it till it’s smooth and no more sugary texture…but mr. hubby has lost his patient due to the long wait.. so I stopped it when it looks a bit fluffy ok..(my noted mistake I guess here is the water…I think I should add up the water only when I wanted to adjust the consistency of the cream, but instead, I tossed it together at the begining)..and started creaming my cake..
(Thats kind of long isnt it….I think I’ll stop here for now….see you guys in My little Iron Man part 2)
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