My Tendon and Red Velvet Cake……

It’s already the 2nd week of March. Fewww! before we know it, it’ll be the mid year again…How time flies…

Emmmm….Remember about my last post? about how busy we were….Well all of the activities started taking its toll on me on the scond day of last week which is Tuesday…(duhhh…like nobody knows what’s the second day of every week….) On Tuesday morning I went to the office.(well its weekdays…) Just like any normal day…nothing strange…..But, there’s this one time when I got up from my seat and suddenly..Ouch…!!my ankle felt painful whenever I tried to walk….First, I just ignored the pain, hoping that the pain will subside…But guess what it gets more painful at each step I made….Infact the pain started moving up to the back of my knee……what’s going on here….

Stuborn me….despite the pain and the difficulty to walk ….I still went to the office the next day….Suchhh a dedicated employee eh….naaaahhhh…! This got nothing to do with employee dedication whatsoever…it’s just that I don’t want to waste my MC and I strongly believe that my leg will be ok by itself…Guess I believe wrong this time…It gets more painful the next day and thats when I decided to see the Dr.

My husband took me to see Dr. Nadir (as always) and I was informed that the most probable reason for my problem is because my tendon is swelling. Hmmm…I was sent home with 2 days MC and a bunch of pills…

The Dr. said to rest my leg but didn’t say anything about resting my two hand….hehehe….A few days ago, my friend ordered A Red Velvet Cake as a welcome home treat for her husband who has been away for a week.(thanks for the trust kak..) On Thursday I Became an obedient patient and did nothing…well the cake has to be delivered only on Friday night so I don’t really have to do anything yet….nothing to rush…

Friday morning I started preparing the cream cheese frosting for the cake..(Just FYI, I baked the cake earlier on)…and silly me….I made a mistake on the cream cheese…The cream cheese won’t thicken even after whipping it for quite sometimes….I felt a bit dissapointed…Luckyly when my friend came and saw my cream cheese and when she looked at the recipe….It turns out that I have been preparing it wrongly….The recipe called for 1cup of confectioner sugar and 1 1/2 cup of  cream  for the amount of cheese I’m using but instead for some reason, I doubled up the amount of confectioner sugar and the cream. Now you know why it won’t thicken right….Fewww! lucky I had a baking date that night….

I have no choice but to go out and buy cheese cream and combine it with the one I prepared earlier on…this time I got it right and managed to decorate my red velvet cake and red velvet cuppies….The result…I can say that I’m quite proud of my self…..What do you think? Doesn’t the cake and cuppies looks yummy??

Cuppies for my dear niece Aleesa Tamara Bowe

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    • September 10, 2019 at 5:47 pm

      Hi Risma.. Yes I used quite a few recipes during my baking days.. Do you have any specific cakes that you’d like to try? I can share it with you if it happened to be in my collection..


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