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All praises be to Allah s.w.t, the Lord of the Universe. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad s.a.w. His last messenger.

Yeayy!! What a wonderful start to 2018 journey and adventures with KBBA9. To kick off Kembara KBBA9 2018, Natasya Riverside Resort, Gopeng (NRRG) has been chosen as our first destination and it sure is a fantastic choice. This long awaited journey (definitely a long awaited one for me) is finally happening last weekend and with all the experience we had, the wait was definitely worthwhile.

Being in Gopeng for the second time after my first visit just a month ago kind of prepared me for what to expect on this trip, at least that’s what I thought.. But man.. Was I wrong! Lol.. It was definitely beyond my expectation. It was an adventurous yet relaxing experience. Confused? Don’t be.. Keep on reading and you’ll know what I mean.

Let’s start from the beginning. Our journey (8 of us travelling together in 2 cars) begins at about 10.00 am and we safely arrived at NRRG approximately 12.00 pm. Upon arrival, we were greeted with what I can call a remedy to the weary eyes after long weekdays at work.

Entrance to NRRG
The eye catching welcome sign

NRRG, which can be easily reached with the help of ‘Waze” is set in a beautiful country side of Gopeng, surrounded by the spectacular view of the natural beauty of the Mother Nature, is definitely a place you can choose if you feel like escaping from the hectic city life and just enjoy what natures would offer.

NRRG offers two types of room for you to choose which are the wooden chalet and the cabin. The wooden chalets are very spacious and can accommodate up to 3 adults and 2 kids as it comes with 1 queen size bed and 1 double decker bed. Its bathroom comes with hot and cold shower to help you refreshed after a long day doing outdoor activities or after durian fiesta. The wooden chalets are also equipped with LCD TV, coffee and tea facility perfect for those of you who feels like staying indoor.

The wooden chalet
Our chalet
The beds arrangement
The bathroom

Another type of room offered are the cabins where each unit comes with 3 single beds and can accommodate up to 3 adults. The cabin also comes with attached bathroom complete with a shower. The cabin are also equipped with LCD TV, air cond etc. If you are on a short getaway with friends, the cabin would be the perfect choice for you.

The cabin

Ermmm.. Have I told you that NRRG is also surrounded by fruit trees? Oh Yes! Lots and lots of fruit trees especially durian trees inside and outside the resort with durian fruits ready to drop anytime. My oh my! What a feast to the eyes after being tortured with the ridiculous durian price in KL. I believe we were all smiling ear to ear without even realizing it especially when we were informed that we could enjoy whatever fruits in season and available anytime throughout our stay there.

This is what we saw along the way to NRRG and at NRRG itself.. Fantastic isn’t it..
Durians waiting for us..
So tempting..
look at that happy face…

After having our lunch and also our first durian party session which was provided by the generous host NRRG, off we go to our first activity which was the White Water Rafting. I guess this activity was the one everybody was looking forward to aside from the durian of cause, because most of us were a first timer and do not know what to expect. As for me, even though this was my second experience doing WWR, I still feel the nervousness. Nervous and excited.. Combine that together and tell me how to explain that feeling.. Lol..

The lunch prepared for us
Durians even while having lunch

If you are skeptical about your safety while doing the activities, well, actually there’s really nothing to be worried about as all activities offered by NRRG will be supervised by experience guide. For whatever activities that you choose to do, you would be briefed on safety precautions and all the Dos and Don’ts of the activities. So you see.. As long as you pay attention during the briefing and not try any silly stunt, you would have a fantastic time and memorable experience.

Dry rafting..
On our way to the starting point
Listen and pay attention during briefing session
The Kampar river
Resting for a while at one of the RnR

Coming back from our WWR activities ecstatic and fully satisfied, hot tea,  ‘goreng-gorengan’(banana, chempedak, sweet potato and breadfruit (sukun) fritters) and more durians awaits us. What a treat!.. Finished with our second round of durians, we head back to our chalet to rest for a while and get ready for what has been prepared for us for the night which is BBQ and voice exercise (you know what I mean).. But before that some of us went for a short cycling using the bicycle which was also provided for rent at NRRG.

Our 2nd session after WWR

You know, when you are together with a bunch of crazy friends (crazy in a good way I mean), you lost track of time. Although everybody were still in high spirit, we finally have to  call the night off as we have one more activity before we head back to KL tomorrow.

Waking up fresh and ready for the day, I can say that we had a very good night sleep. We had our breakfast which was really delicious and waited for our guide and transport to take us to the entrance of Bukit Batu Putih. The first time I hike Bukit Batu Putih was last month and we managed to watch the sun set from the peak.  This time around, initially we planned to watch the sun rise but due to certain circumstances we only start our hiking around 8.00 am.

While waiting for our ride
The parking lot for those hiking Batu Batu Putih
The starting point of Bukit Batu Putih

The walk up Bukit Batu Putih was actually just a short walk and suitable for beginners hikers.  While the hiking might only take between 30 to 45 minutes, the view from the peak is magnificent. Trust me.. You would never regret the decision especially when you look at all the beautiful pictures you managed to take at the peak. After all what’s the purpose of hiking if not for the fantastic view isn’t it..

The walk up
The peak
View from the peak

Going down from Bukit Batu Putih, our guide suggest us to take different route from the one we used when going up. We used the trail which will lead us to the river so that we can have good time cooling down after all the hard work we did going up and down the hill.. (hard work la sangat.. Lol)..

Ermmm.. Hindustani hero wannabe?
The walk down the hill
Sooo cute.. Lol..
This is what happen when you had too much durian

After a fun time in the cold water, it’s time to go back to NRRG, packed our stuff and ready to head back to KL. Can’t believe our 2 days 1 night trip is coming to its end.. How I wish we’d had more time so that we’ll be able to explore and experienced other activities offered by NRRG. Hmmmm.. Guess what, I heard that our founder and few other friends are going back to NRRG this weekend with their families. I bet they’ll have a wonderful time just like the one we had or maybe even better.

List of activities you could request when you checked in at NRRG

Personally, I hope I can join them this weekend but unfortunately I already have other plans in store. One thing for sure.. I’m not going to say goodbye but instead I’ll say see you again NRRG. So guys.. If you wish to know more about NRRG, contact the person in charge Irman at:


Whatsapp: 0174146669

Facebook: Natasya Riverside Resort Gopeng

Instagram: natasyariverside

 Psttt.. wnenever you are in NRRG, don’t forget to say Hi to Sara, the NRRG darling ok..

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