BOH Tea Time Is Not Just Tea Time – It’s Where Our Fondest Family Moments Created


Assalamualaikum… Bismillahirrahmanirrahim…  All praises be to Allah s.w.t, the Lord of the Universe. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad s.a.w. His last messenger.

Do you guys like tea? Who doesn’t right.. Well.. Ok ok.. I know some of you would prefer coffee to tea. I know that. But hey! Malaysian and tea? Who can deny our fondness for this drink. Hot or cold.. Have it your way.

“Mamak, teh O satu”.. “Mamak, Teh O Ais satu” or the most famous of all “Mamak teh tarik satu”.. We are all so familiar with that phrase right?

You know, for all I could remember, tea has always been a part of my family. Be it when it’s just us or there were guests coming over. My mother would always served tea. Guess what tea we used.. Of course it’s none other than BOH tea.

At first, I really don’t know why my mom would always choose the same brand. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, during our ‘minum petang’ or when there’s guests coming over.. She will always use the same brand which is BOH tea. My guess back then.. Maybe it’s because my mom only knows one brand or maybe because my mom was being influenced with what she saw on the Television. Hahahaha.. Silly me and my assumptions.

Even until now, whenever we went back to our hometown to meet my parents or my parents coming over to our house, we still continue that tradition of serving BOH tea at any time of the day whenever we feel like to. The best time is when BOH tea together with cucur udang or cucur manis. Trust me.. Cup after cup will disappear just like that. One ‘teko’ would be definitely not enough.

90 Years of Experteas – BOH Definitely A Brand For Every Generations

You know, If a man could live for 90 years, He will be considered a legend. Imagine all the experience that has been gained along the way. Well, I can definitely say the same about BOH. Being 90 years in the market and still going strong even after all those 90 long years, there must be something special about it.

Remember about my silly assumptions about why my mother would always go for the same tea brand which is BOH? I think now I can say that I know the answer. Being 90 years in the market and being the experteas really not just a word for this brand. Even after all those years, one can still see that it manages to maintain its aroma, taste and color. The sip you have now, will definitely brings you walking down memory lane when you had BOH long time ago. The aroma, the taste and the color is the same from how I remember it.

No wonder, after all those years it is still the number one choice for all Malaysian. Malay, Chinese, Indian and others.. We all go for the same brand, BOH. I guess we can say that BOH tea has become a part of our culture. The Malaysian culture that brings us all together as one in this Multiracial country.

A Surprise Birthday celebration by my dear friends at Palas Boh Tea Plantation

Proudly Malaysian – BOH The Homegrown Brand

BOH was born in Cameron Highlands in 1929 and the name BOH was derived from from ‘BOHEA’, the hills in Fujian Province also called Wuyi Hills. It was believed to be the place where tea was originally thought to have been discovered by the Emperor Shennong. In mandarin, BOH means precious happines.

When we talk about BOH, we will instantly be reminded of the phrase ‘BOH Ada Ummpph!’. And let me guess.. When you say this phrase you will also be doing that signature move right? Don’t lie.. Cause I did that too.. Hahaha.. Well.. No worries guys.. We will not be the only one. It has been an instant national hit in Malaysia the moment it was introduced. The phrase aptly describing the quality and robustness of BOH tea. Nowadays the word ‘Ummpph!’ is used to describe the kick in flavor or ones satisfaction.

As Easy As 1,2,3

When I was little, tea preparation seems like a tedious process. My mother would first get the tea, put it in a jug, pour boiling water then she will use a tea strainer to strain the tea and only then we can enjoy our tea. But as the time pasts, things become simpler and made easy.

Today, tea preparation has become so easy. Especially when there’s BOH Potbag which makes tea preparation even easier. We all know that each and everyday we are all racing with time. So many things to do, yet so little time to get it done. Being a mother myself now, I always wanted my family to have something good in the morning.

There’s a saying which goes something like this.. ‘If you win the morning, you win the whole day’.. So.. That’s one of the reason why I want my family to have something good to start their morning with. Thank you to BOH Potbag, which is so easy to prepare, now I can make sure that my family is having something good to kickstart their day. It is also a way for us to have a brief moment together before we went off doing our things. BOH Pot bag really makes tea preparation as easy as 123.

Having tea has become a daily ritual for most of us. That is why it won’t be a surprise to find that almost every household in Malaysia haave a bag or two of BOH tea in their kitchen.

If you guys wanted to find out more about BOH tea… Check out the links below ya:




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