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Assalamualaikum… Bismillahirrahmanirrahim…  All praises be to Allah s.w.t. The Lord of the Universe. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad s.a.w. His last messenger.

Having eye weakness is not something that anybody wish for. In spite of the fact that this eye weakness can be corrected with a pair of spectacle, the story behind it is not always beautiful. Yes, It is indeed true that wearing spectacle does help to deal with the eyesight problem effectively but we can’t deny that this spectacles sometimes become the source of trouble.

Foggy glasses, having to constantly clean up the glasses, blurry eye sight when we have to walk under the rain, spectacles keep sliding off of our sweaty face and many more. But hey! Guess what. That’s not even the biggest problem that us speckies have to face.

Spectacles Not Just Spectacles

The biggest problem started the moment we stepped into the optical shop to get that new pair spectacles. Confused and overwhelmed. I believe that’s the feeling that most of us are dealing with every single time we decided to get a new spectacle wether it’s because of power problem or simply because we thought that the design of our frame already obsolete.

When we decided to get a new pair of spectacles, apart from getting the frame that’s in line with the latest trend, most importantly we wanted to make sure that we get the shape right. After all the spectacles will be apart of our fashion so they’d better look good on us, featuring us as sophisticated and fashionable.

Too Many Choices But Nothing Really Fit

As I mentioned earlier, confused and overwhelmed. Imagine this. The moment you stepped into an optical shop, you will be presented with ample of choices of frames. You started trying it one after another in an attemp to find which frames suits your face best.

Every time you decided on a frame that you thought looks really nice on you, you realised that there’s always something just not right about that frame. Either the size too big or its too small, the bridge is too far or too close, the temple is either too long or too short and the list goes on.

bespoke spectacles - customised to fit your face

Most of the time, you ended up choosing something that later on you regretted. Trust me. I know what I’m talking about. Been there done that. Well, there’s really nothing much we can do actually. Most of the ready made frames out there produced in mass production and designed as one size fits all.

But that can’t really be the case right? How can one size frame fits all. Each and every individuals are unique. We all have different face feature, thus the need for different size of spectacles.

OPTOM Eyecare Bangi

So sometimes ago I read my friends post about OPTOM Eyecare Bangi. In fact I have also shared about OPTOM Eyecare Bangi services before. An optical shop that offers special care clinic for health screening and vision therapy. OPTOM does not only offers a comprehensive eye care but most importantly OPTOM is a brand experienced in managing the vision system and selling branded optical goods.

While looking for information about OPTOM eye care, I came across an information that says they started operating in 2016 online and now OPTOM has helped thousands of needy people through premises opened near residences area. Five years in the market and still here? There must be something good about them isn’t it?

Bespoke Spectacles at OPTOM

Apart from the above mentioned services, I also found out one special service that is offered by OPTOM that I have not heard before. Bespoke spectacles. A personalised glasses or spectacles made just for you. Have you ever heard any other optical shop beside OPTOM Eye care that offers this kind of service? I definitely have not.

Ok. So here’s what I found out about their bespoke spectacles service. OPTOM eyecare offers this service to let us experienced what it’s like to have a spectacles that is specifically and exclusively made just for us. Face recognition, parametric and ergonomic design that will achieve well balanced fit on our face. Isn’t that the kind of frame that us speckies have been dreaming of?

As mentioned earlier, Bespoke spectacles are tailor made just for us, to every last detail. At OPTOM Eyecare Bangi, the process of designing our bespoke spectacles started with series of facial measurement and photographs are taken to enable the creation of the ideal frame style and shape.

Why Bespoke spectacles?

Modern technology are used by the staff of OPTOM Eyecare Bangi will be used to measure the shape of our head, our ears, our nose and also the overall feature of our face. There are 30 points on the frame that can be adjusted and modified to suit the shape of our face perfectly. The best part of bespoke spectacles is that we get to decide everything, from the material used to the color of the frame.

bsepoke spectacles at Optom Eyecare Bangi

With bespoke spectacles at OPTOM Eyecare Bangi, the frame which is specially flown from Germany allows us to choose our own combination of colour and style. There are more than 70 models in 7 series and 3 categories. These categories includes adult bespoke eyewear, children or teenagers corrective spectacles and sunglasses.

Bespoke spectacles can provide us with 14 colour choices and we are free to choose and match exclusive spectacles to suit our taste and preferences. And you know what? We can even have our name crafted on the frame. Now that’s what I called personalisation.

A Spectacles Made Just For You

Bespoke spectacles can be said as the peak of personalisation. It will measure and control every feature on our face, including eye size, nose bridge length, and the length from our temples to our ears, so the spectacles fit perfectly and securely without being too tight or too close to our face.

But that’s not all. The benefit of having a bespoke spectacles does not only lie on the the ability to enable us to personalised and customised the frame design but it also has other uniqueness that we cannot find in shelf chosen frames.

Bespoke Spectacles – Fashion & Comfort Combined

In OTOM Eyecare Bangi, the bespoke spectacles are designed not only so that it will look good on us but most importantly we feel comfortable even when we have to wear the spectacles all day long. To ensure our ultimate comfortness when wearing the spectacles, the bespoke spectacles made with measurement accurate to within 0.1mm, and it is also designed lightweight.

In addition to comfort wear, precise correction with precise pupil distance and fitting height will see to it that we will have a wonderful steady visual experience considering that bespoke spectacles are all positioned best fit on our face. Is bespoke spectacles all that OPTOM Eyecare Bangi offer?

Comprehensive Clinical Eye Screening

Considering that I’ve been talking a lot about bespoke spectacles, you must be wondering, is that all the service that OPTOM Eyecare Bangi offer? Well, of cause not. Whilst OPTOM emphasised on custom made or tailor made for vision, they also provided a comprehensive clinical eye screening and vision therapy.

Bespoke spectacles-Comrehensive clinical test at Optom eyecare Bangi

To get a complete vision prescriptions it needs to be done through clinical tests. The clinical test are for:

  1. Neurofunctional virtual Eye profile.
  2. Structural virtual Eye profile.
  3. Nerves & Vessel virtual eye profile.
  4. Refractive virtual eye profile.

OPTOM Eyecare Bangi also provides test to identify the smoothness of 17 basic eye skills such as:

  1. Eye Movement Control – The ability to move both eyes together to point at an intended target or follow along a path, like a line of text
  2. Simultaneous Focus at Far  – Forming a clear image of something in the distance
  3. Sustaining Focus at Far – Keeping an image of something in the distance clear
  4. Simultaneous Focus at Near – Forming a clear image of something close to the eyes
  5. Sustaining Focus at Near – Keeping a clear image of something close to the eyes
  6. Simultaneous Alignment at Far – Lining up both eyes at the same point the distance
  7. Sustaining Alignment at Far – Holding both eyes lined up at the same point in the distance
  8. Simultaneous Alignment at Near – Lining up both eyes at the same point up close
  9. Sustaining Alignment at Near – Holding both eyes lined up at the same point up close
  10. Central Vision (Visual Acuity) – This is where “20/20” vision comes in!
  11. Peripheral Vision – Being able to see what’s on either side of you while your eyes are pointed forward
  12. Depth Awareness – Being able to tell that things are further away or closer up than each other (also know as depth perception)
  13. Color Perception – Being able to tell different colors apart (if you are not color-blind)
  14. Gross Visual-Motor – Moving yourself through space without bumping into things by using information from your vision
  15. Fine Visual-Motor – Writing, sewing, texting, and doing other small and close-up activities with accuracy by using information from  your vision
  16. Visual Perception – Being aware of your environment and what is going on around you in your visual field (the area you can see)
  17. Visual Integration –  Bringing together your vision and your other senses to accomplish complex tasks, like reading while walking a balance beam

Crossed Eyed Therapy For Children

Have you ever heard of crossed eyed condition? It is famously know as ‘juling” in Malay. The condition is more common with children but there’s also possibility for it to occur later in life. Crossed eyed is a condition which your eyes don’t line up. The condition caused both eyes to look in different directions and each eye will focus on different object.

Having this crossed eyed condition, it normally requires the person to get treatment in an eye clinic and I’ve never heard any optical shop that provides therapy services for this condition until OPTOM Eyecare Bangi. Yes, it’s true. OPTOM Eyecare Bangi also provides special therapy for children with crossed eyed condition. For more information regarding this therapy service, you may contact OPTOM Eyecare Bangi directly.

A World Class Optometry and Optical Centers 

Comprehensive clinical services, bespoke spectacles, latest technology equipment, best facilities and services equivalent to 5 star hotel really put OPTOM Eyecare Bangi at a different level. They really put their customers first and care about their customers experience journey.

The bespoke spectacles doesn’t come with that cheap price tag. But with all the values that we’ll get at OPTOM Eyecare, It’s definitely worth every Ringgit spent. Price compared to the value that you will receive. If you ask me. I would definitely go for value. If you want to know about OPTOM and the products as well as the services they offered, check out the info below.

Optom Eyecare.
No.37, Jalan 8/1, Seksyen 8, Bandar Baru Bangi, 43650 Bangi, Selangor Darul Ehsan. (Near Marrybrown)
🕰️ Opens Everyday
🕰️. 9AM-8PM

For enquiries and further info, they can be contacted through these sites:

For those of you in Kedah, you can visit them at:
No 17-GF,
Taman Bandar Baru Mergong,
05150 Alor Setar, Kedah
Tel: 011-10641167

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