No 2 for 2012…My oh My….


What can I say…I guess the lazy part of me has been getting its way… Or maybe I’m just not the sharing type… Even now, with my fingers on the keyboard, I’m struggling with words. I am totally at lost as to what to write for this entry. How can I be lost when there has been so many things happening around me. can I be..
Would I be able to commit to my blogging? What kind of blog do I want my blog to be? How do I want to see my blog? What kind of impression do I want to get from whoever is viewing my blog? etc. Those are the questions that has been on my mind when I started blogging. My biggest influence at the time was a result from blog walking. Reading all of the entries from other blogs which in time become my favs. and seeing how committed they are in sharing and providing useful information really motivate me to start my own blog. They sure make it look so easy. With ‘semangat membara’ I atarted my own blog. And after sometimes, I realize that, its not as easy as it looks. Just look at me, After a year of blogging, the number of entries that I have posted is well…just like the Malay saying ‘hidup segan mati tak mau’….hahahah. 
I really hope that I will be able to be more active in updating my blog. In the meantime, lets ‘layan’ this wonderful song….If only he is still with us…..

Oh! by the way…I’m so happy that I decided to do an entry today. Guess what?? I got another friend…and its the wonderful kak Ita from masam manis blog…Thank you so much… Its such a great honor…

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