Its the second day of April…..


Today is the first weekend of April….Me, my dear Mr.hubby and my children are at my mother in law’s house. Since it’s getting closer to the day of my youngest brother in law’s wedding day, we decided to repaint the whole house today….The wedding will be on the 30th of  April at the bride’s side and on our side it will be on the 7’th of April…

Did I tel you guys that I’m getting serious on the bakery thing…You know cakes, cup cakes etc…etc… ….(been getting a few orders last month and praying that the orders will continue coming in) So.. for this wedding I have volunteered to bake 600++ cuppies for the wedding gift..(to be given to the guest) plus an early orders of cup cakes from my friend… Feww! guess it will quite a busy month for me…. I just hope that everything will be alright and goes as planned.

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