Ima is finally Musa’s


1st May will always be special to Musa and Ima….It was their solemnization day…The day when Musa was officially becomes the half part of Musa…..Hmmm…Who is Musa…? Who is Ima….? Musa or Syed Musa bin Syed Abu Bakar is the youngest brother of my Mr hubby and Ima or Fatimah Syafiee is my My hubby’s latest sister in law….got it…

Last weekend me and mr hubby were at Mersing, Johor to join the rest of his family to witness the unification of two hearts…What a beautiful day…despite the hotness of the day, everybody was happy especially the bride and the groom…Alhamdulillah everything went well….

This weekend will be our turn to celebrate the wedding….This week will be a busy week for all of us and as for me, I’ll be busy preparing the cup cakes for the wedding gift….The baking has started last night and will continue again tonight..I just hope I can finish everything before Friday as I need to transport everything to my mother in law’s house by Friday….

That’s it for now….till later…

Ps: I can’t believe I only have 2 posts on April…..Well..what can I say..Nothing much happen except for my baking activity….I would like to share all the orders that I’ve got, but I’m afraid it would make my blog a cooking blog…I was thinking of creating a new blog just for my cooking and baking….Hmmm…..maybe I should do that…don’t u think…

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