I’m Sooooo Happyyyy….

I’m soo happyyy….. Why am I so happy??? Man…! After 2 days of not updating my blog…I almost can’t believe my eyes today when I saw a comment on my recent post and an additional friend on my friends list…..Guess who’s been dropping by blog kesayangan beta ni… It was kak Jee from THIS BLOG and kak Ummi from THIS BLOG…Some might say..So whatt…Well… for me it is such a great honor man… Both of them are a well known blogger on the cooking blog community….And who am I??? I’m just a newby in blogging who doesn’t even know which direction am I going to bring my blog…
I’ve been visiting (blog walking they call it on this blogging world) their blog over n over again (even before I started blogging myself)…reading their  entries, admiring what they’ve done and yet never really got the nerve to follow them neither leave any comment..I’m one of those they called silent follower…
I got butterfly in my tummy for a while now…Even if its only kak Jee who enlisted as my friend and kak ummi only lleft a comment on my post..Its still make my day…I guess I’ll be sleeping with a smile on my face tonight…yippyyyy..
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